About Us

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As a professional snow removal service we ensure that every part of your property that you require cleared is completed to your satisfaction. We create a safe environment on your property with our team of experience snow removal technicians and we also employ anti ice methods that are well proven to prevent the accumulation of snow  which can so easily cause pedestrian and motorist accidents as well as damage to rooftops.

Snow in the Lynn, MA is beautiful and creates a great many fun social activities, but it should not be a risk to your person or your property when it is left piled in areas where pedestrians and motorist regularly pass. Your safety and risk for liability is our concern as well as the severe property damage that can occur from snow loads. We can help you reduce the risk by clearing snow fast and efficiently so that you can easily move through areas without slipping and falling that happens when ice is not  properly controlled.

Our region experiences a great deal of snow throughout the winter months and its presence can be a great strain on those of us who are not able to remove it. That’s why professional help is available so that you do not need to struggle with manual equipment, lifting heavy snow loads and possible suffering from personal injuries in an attempt to remove snow. When you hire Lynn Snow Removal our snow plowing and parking lot snow removal as well as our ice control services among other services are top rated.

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